A Liebherr WTes 5872 for my friends

My friends want to now also a Liebherr WTes 5872 Vinidor wine cabinet. This is a statement I hear time and time again when we visit. Since we have the Liebherr wine cooler, more and more friends and acquaintances all over the floor. The one because the wine tastes absolutely better than anywhere else and wants to know why. The other because he the wine cooler (one more time) wants to admire. And it must be said, we are not only satisfied with quality of our wine cooler, but find him is itself a showpiece that we’d like to see (or show). It’s really something to be proud of. Although the fact that we have more and visit the last time and the Vinidor wine inventoryin the Liebherr WTes 5872 increasingly supplemented. It also doesn’t matter if it’s white, red or rosé wine is, the wines are all exactly on the right drinking temperature.Who would have thought that it would run. After considering and compare there remained always the same wine cooler about it, that we have purchased. After the Cabinet was delivered and installed, we were really as children so happy and proud. It was and enrichment of our kitchen (actually from our House) and finally was the dragging and improvised with the wines from the cellar over. Before we had the wine Cabinet we had using the refrigerator (and when there was too little time, the freezer)white and rosé wines on the estimated ideal temperature. And the reverse, where the concept of red wines at room temperature was assessed by the bottles for convenience on the sink. The basement was relatively cold (about 11 degrees), so with unexpected visit we had certainly a problem with the red wines. The freezer trick for white and rosé wines mostly worked though. Although it should frankly be, that those wines were usually too cold. And now all of a sudden we had the miracle in house, the Liebherr WTes Vinidor 5872. We could lose a small 200 bottles spread over 3 temperature zones. In the winter, the balance in favor of red, white and rosé in the summer were preferred. For each what he or she wishes in the correct year tide and always perfect at the appropriate temperature. What a pleasure and convenience, we were really proud of our closet. Of course we wanted to share that pride, and then it went so wrong. We invited on a cold autumn day a few friends to a cosy wine night.We wanted to drop them from the Chair, both with the wine cooler as with the content. We even had 3 bottles of Petrus from hardiness. Of course, they were all absolutely love the wine Cabinet. The Petrus bottles were the perfect temperature and perfectly mature. Then there are still some bottles red wine by the throats. To get everyone off to bluff I made at the end of the evening we open another 2 bottles of Yquem. Also those made for nothing as compliments. It was a very successful evening, however, when collecting the empty bottles I got the feeling that the wines had costmore if the wine Cabinet. But yes, our friends we had impressed and we were even happier and more proud with our wine Cabinet. We had not counted on, howeverthat these other acquaintances of friends told us that we had in the miracle home. And thus began the flow to increase visits and touched our wine cellar ever army. One thing was clear with a Liebherr Vinidor WTes 5872 to make many friends and you’realso very satisfied.

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