Fiscal representation?

Fiscal representation when do you need this? This is a good question when you do cross border sales to consumers in Europe. You need a fiscal representative when you reach the VAT treshold. More clear is that you have to check in every EU Member State about the level of treshold. In each country there is a different VAT treshold. In one country you are allowed to earn 100000 Euro and in others you exceed the treshold of 35000 Euros. When you do exceed the treshold you have to pay your VAT in the country that you are dealing in. When you don’t pay the VAT you will get a penalty. So it is up to you. But the problem is that you have to do a lot of work in terms of administration and Application. A fiscal representative can do you your fiscal representation abroad. The problem is that you have many contact persons to deal with. So it is more efficiënt to work with an organisation that can help you troughout Europe. And more conveniënt is a single point of contact. To find such a partner is rear in Europe. You can find companies that can help you but are mostly not independent and connect to an accoutancy company.

You are Lucky that you read this article because I will tell you where you can find an organisation that can help you. In the UK you have to go to www.rmboulanger.co.uk and you will read about your solution. Not only about VAT services, but even when your business is based outside Europe you also need a EORI number. At the mentioned website you will find information about this issue to. So for your company to Europe you have found your one stop shopping partner when expanding in Europe.

Don’t think you are safe when you selling via companies like Amazon. The will handle your payments and logistics, but you are responsable to fill out the administrational paperwork and pay in time. If you don’t you can’t blame Amazon. They support you to sell, but you are responsable when it comes to VAT Services and customs. Now you know where to go so you can’t say that you didn’t know. You are well informed and have single point of contact in Europe. A spot where al the specialists are concentrated and your contactperson is routing your questions and paperwork in the RM Boulanger UK organisation. You can now focus on your business and the paperwork is done by the experts. More efficiënt so less costs.


Regards, John Schnitzelmacher

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