Liebherr wine Cabinet at Cavepromotor

Buy a Liebherr wine Cabinet? A wine cellar is the big dream of many people, but if you have no place else to your wines, you need some to keep. Many people give way forward to Liebherr wine cabinet because this optimum storage conditions. These go even further than the storage conditions in a real wine cellar. In the wine cellar are not filtered what scents in a wine Cabinet is done. Then there is the element associated with the humidity in a wine cellar that you can control difficult. A wine cellar often has the negative effect of a too high air humidity. As a result, labels fade and letting go, but also that there is mold on the bottles. Especially when the humidity is above 75% mildew in the offing. Bottles with a closing of Cork are sensitive to bad ambient odors. Cork is a natural product and let air through. This makes the unpleasant smells in the bottle. As a result, you find that the wine is not delicious tastes.
To measure humidity in a wine Cabinet, wine Cabinet, as the only supplier in Netherlands promoter Cave a digital hygrometer. This lets you observe what the humidity degree. Each Cabinet has its own instructions for use in order to bring the humidity up. There are wine cabinets that only with lovage cloves of the level of air humidity up. Other wine cabinets are equipped with a fan. In both cases, you only take action when the level is too low. The wine Cabinet specialists of Cave promoter can advise and inform you about this perfect. They do this at the time you purchased the wine Cabinet and know in what environment the wine Cabinet. It is important that your wine Cabinet in a place where the temperature is not below 10 ° c. This is done well, then stops the action of all household appliances, including your wine Cabinet. All you space in a non insulated garage, then it is wise to have a electric heater so that the worst cold from space. Another option is to insulate your garage.
Then your wine Cabinet in an environment where ambient vibrations have a negative effect on the wines you want to save. To overcome this problem provides Cave promoter Vibration Reduction Blocks at all free-standing wine cabinets. Here, the full wine Cabinet on the blocks geblokken. By allowing you to the wine Cabinet fills with wines bags the leg levelers and the slider on the backside in the blocks.

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